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Word Lens: Realtime augmented reality language translation

I know it sounds jaded but there just aren’t many mobile applications that really impress me anymore. The last one that comes to mind is Flipboard that is an incredible app that formats your social media into a dynamic digital magazine. I still use and enjoy Flipboard every day but when a good friend of mind sent me a link to a new app today what I saw blew Flipboard out of the water. It is called Word Lens and it is a $5 iPhone app that uses augmented reality in the most amazing way I have ever seen to translate English to Spanish or Spanish to English words on-the-fly. It is kind of mind blowing because being the jaded designer I am I admit that it sounds and the video even kind of looks like a gimmick that need the perfect circumstances to work. But it really works and it is a real ‘wow’ moment when to see it work.  It is one of those things that gets my heart racing a little because I can see the astounding possibilities for this type of technology to completely change travel, eliminate those cheesy little translation dictionaries and completely change the way the world experiences foreign languages and countries.

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