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Lets turn Times Square to Art Square

Anyone who lives or works in New York will tell you that if you that they avoid Times Square and the throngs of slow moving tourists that inhabit it like the plague. It is just one of those area of the city that you only go to when you have friends on town or you need to send someone a cheesy and overprices NYC souvenir.

I recently found a really interesting project started by Justus Bruns who is a 22-year old student from The Netherlands that looks to change that experience and turn the 50,000 sq. feet of billboard space in Times Square into one huge art gallery for a dayThe reality is that Times Square gets 35 million visitors a year while the biggest museum (Museum of Modern Art) only gets 2.5 million visitors a year so I love the idea of using a stage that big to bring more attention to the arts. Right now they are taking donations and trying to organize online and offline activities to gather people from around the globe to start believing in this idea. If you want to learn more you can read a lengthy FAQ here and please think about making a donation to get this great idea off the ground.

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