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Cortex for Google Chrome

I’ve never been someone who tricks out their web browser with tons of extensions and themes because I’ve never found any outside of Evernote that I found useful on a day to day basis. I did find a new one this week called Cortex for Google Chrome which is a free extension for the Google browser. When you find some content you want to share you can instantly post it to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or Instapaper by simply clicking and holding over the content.  After 1-2 second a ring appears around your cursor with the logos all of the previously listed services you have activated for use. Mouse over the service you want to share your content to and it will change into a text box for you to enter your comments. Click send and you are right back to doing whatever it was you were doing before you wanted to post your new found content.  It’s ultra simple interface is the type of genius that make you mad you didn’t think of it first. Go download it now and enjoy.

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