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I think that most people have at least one Jeff Bridges movie somewhere in their personal top 25 favorite movies and for me the Tron and The Big Lebowski easily make that list. Many people probably don’t know that he is also an accomplished musician, painter and photographer. I love his little known photography work that he creates with a 1940’s swing lens Widelux camera that take 180 degree black and white photos. I find the combination of the panoramic frame, behind the scenes subject matter and artist sensibility are a powerful combination. I recommend picking up the book he released a book of his photography a few years ago simply titled Pictures.

So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that his Web site is as diverse and creative as his talents and only Jim Carrey can rival it for a unique celebrity web site. I will say right up front that Jeff’s site is not the gold standard for web site design and layout best practices but as you start to experience the site you forgive the usability problems because you are won over by his creative vision and expression. The site looks like it was created by giving him long sheets of drawing paper and he created the site by writing, sketching, painting and pasting all the content and site navigation onto each page. As a result each page is it’s own unique experience with wildly different visuals, content taking all kinds of different forms and as a whole it creates a unique and personal expression of the artist that I like.

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