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2 Great video game campaigns

I am an avid gamer with the Playstation 3 as my platform of choice, and I join thousands of other gamers who enjoy all the features that this particular console can provide. As this is my go-to console, I’m always on the lookout for the best games that are on the market. More recently, these Playstation 3 games on Gamulator have come to my attention, and it opens up another way of playing. All you need to do is download their ROMs to get started and away you go. Isn’t that amazing? Sometimes it can be hard to purchase the games you want, but sites like this, as well as the similar website, have more affordable options. With that being said, I’m always open to playing games of any kind with my followers – you can find me at Gates-O-Hell! And you’d be interested to know that campaigns for two upcoming games caught my eye this week.

Mom’s Hate Dead Space 2

I think when you are growing up as a boy it’s your job to see if you can drive your mother crazy, particularly as a gamer. I think many young gamers probably drive their mother insane by asking for the newest games, the newest consoles and money for add-ons onto games, like the additions from d2boost for Diablo II (you can drop d2 items in hell game if you’re interested in purchasing). This happens partially because you are trying to struggle to find your own voice and partially because everything you like seems to offend and serve as a complete mystery to your mother. So the sequel to the survival horror game Dead Space taps into that human truth to create ‘Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2’ where they showed game footage to your horrified and mystified mother. Watch them all and see which reaction you think would match your mother.

Bulletstorm Last Call

My next campaign is for the upcoming game from Cliff Bazinski, the mind of behind Gear of War, is called Bulletstorm. The campaign spoofs the popular, well-done and first mature video game campaign I could remember called ‘Believe‘ for the Halo video game series. This version spoofs the dramatic tone and diorama subject matter with much funnier results.

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