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Speaking at NYC Usability Professional Association this March

Almost all of my speaking engagements revolve around trying to demystify how to be a successful creative director or running a successful agency or client-side creative department. This March I will be making a departure to speak about another passion of mine which is information architecture and user experience design for the New York City chapter of the Usability Professional’s Association.  The last time I spoke publicly about this subject matter was at World Usability Day in 2009 and I’m so happy to be able to get the chance to talk about it again because I have so many more insights and techniques that my team and I have worked on since then.

This hour long speech will explore the user experience design philosophy my team and I use to create interactive, brand centric experiences that are user centered, metrics driven, technically transparent, profit enhancing and a negotiated blend of brand, business and customer goals. It will also take a look behind the scenes of one of our brand site re-designs that has to solve the challenge of merging interactive content that merges experiental brand content that needs large photos and videos with transactional content that needs fields, forms and drop downs. It will be a lot of great information so register now because space is limited.

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