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TweetingSeat: The social media park bench

TweetingSeat is an interactive park bench that was designed by Chris McNicholl to explore the environments in which the bench is placed and the people whom it encounters.  Each time someone sits down, TweetingSeat uploads an image from two cameras to the Twitterfeed. One camera is located on the bench looking at the surrounding space, and another is located nearby looking at the people who use it. The hope is that by brining the real and digital worlds together that people and communities will form their own relationship with the object through the way in which they choose to use it. No word yet on where and when the TweetSeat will be installed but you can keep up with the project on their blog.

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  1. Browbands

    May 1, 2011 at 11:38 am

    tweetingseat an extraordinary idea of connecting the environment and natural living to social media, it was one way of keeping us posted to what social life is.

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