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Virtual four eyes: AR Glasses Mirror

I think that the use of augmented reality in the fashion industry continues to have huge untapped potential. showed up the potential about a year and a half ago with their virtual dressing room that would let you try on clothes from the comfort of their own home instead of going to the store and wedging themselves into a dressing room. Now Japanese glasses retailer Zoff has released this augmented reality glasses “mirror” through which you can try on the company’s collection of eyewear. This site uses a markerless AR technology similar to what we have seen for sites like Iron Man where once you visually calibrate the system it can place and track the object on your face in three dimensions allowing you to see the glasses as you turn and move your head.

I think this remains a suprisingly untapped technology especially for smaller fashion brands who don’t have a huge retail footprint. It has that huge potential because people have an inherent need to see how clothes and accessories look on their body and a lot of people can’t do that with any confidence just using their imagination. That is compounded because the online buying experience doesn’t allow that to happen.  This use of AR lets you get over a huge part of that hurdle by giving you real images and feedback on how the clothes and accessories look on you. Once you see that real image your confidence goes way up and more importantly so does your intent to purchase.

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