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Ralph Lauren takes branded content into 4D

Ralph Lauren has been one of the few real bright spots in the use of digital technology within the luxury fashion industry which has always painfully lagged behind other major brands. I recently found video and a short documentary of an incredible example of creating branded experiental content that took place last November on the façade of the designer’s London and New York City flagship locations. They used those flagship locations as a canvas for a 10 minute, 4D optical illusion projection mapped to the architecture of the buildings that celebrated of 10 years of in the U.S. and the launch of e-commerce in the UK. The experience was broken into 15 scenes including Polo players playing polo, a runway show with models appearing to walk on the edge of the building, a belt wrapping the mansion,a huge display of the new Ralph Lauren Ricky bag and the designer himself taking a digital bow at the end. This type of 4D projection gives the illusion that the images were extending beyond the building and floating out into space toward the audience.  Other portions of the show went beyond the visible presentation when the large cologne bottles came onto the building and “sprayed” the audience and the scent was blown out into the crowd.

This is an incredible example of modern experiental branding that creates rich experiental currency that consumers will spend in their social media circles giving the brand huge exposure. You can see the complete New York show here and the London show here.

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