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Wacom Inkling: bringing the digital sketchpad to a piece of paper near you

Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that it is a well documented fact that I suffer from a debilitating problem where I’m rarely able to make it through a meeting without being able to describe an idea without having to draw some part of it. This historically meant that I carried a velum tablet and Sharpie everywhere and the desks of my designers are littered with these notes and sketches. More recently I have been using an iPad and the Wacom Bamboo app and stylus with great effect but it just isn’t quite the same as that pen on paper feel. It would seem that Wacom felt the same way as they just announced a very cool new product called Inkling which is the combination of a small receiver that attaches to any piece of paper and an electronic pen that work together to record your sketches.  It even has the intelligence to let you record different parts of your sketches on different layers so when you transfer it into Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketchbook Pro it comes in as vector or bitmap artwork on different layers. I am definitely interested to get my hands on an Inkling to see how well it works and how actuate the the capture is when it comes out in mid-September. For a company that has been so one dimensional for so long, something changed at Wacom lately because they are really creating a lot of very unique and interesting products.

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