Build your visual resume with

on Feb 3, 2012 in Information design

I have been working on the concept of making the traditional all text resume into something more engaging through design and infographics for a long time. I believe in the idea so much that I’ve had a visual version of my resume on my portfolio site for the past five years. I had hoped that a concept like this would catch on in time and thanks to it looks like that time has finally come. Getting started is easy as instead of having to enter innumerable fields of data you only need to connect to Facebook or LinkedIn. You can then tweak any of the data and since it is still in beta you will probably need to do so.  After the import it said my position was ‘construction manager and roofing consultant’. But after you make those tweaks the resulting resume and metrics dashboard is an orgy of information design. I hope that having tools like this that are easily accessible to the masses will change perceptions that even a simple resume can be elevated to something more with the use of design.