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iPad portfolios made easy with Showcase

I can’t count the number of interviews I have done over the past year when a prospective designer sat in front of me in my office and didn’t try to show some version of their portfolio on an iPad. The only thing I can count on when I look at those portfolios is that the quality of that presentation will vary wildly depending on the expertise of the designer. The presentation of their work will range from a simple PDF to a full blown interactive app. In the end I am always left thinking that this is let another case where designers are too caught in the novelty of having their portfolio on an iPad instead of looking to see that the majority of the time their work would have presented better if they had just left it in a more traditional form. If you would like to read more about this technology is not an idea philosophy see the past ten years of this blog…

I recently saw a new app that hopes to help some of those technically impaired designer make a better showing through the use of the Showcase app.You can set up a free personal account where you can manage content for up to 15 projects to your portfolio, each offering space for 15 photo’s (max. 5 MB) supported by text. The layouts support portrait and landscape mode which is a nice touch and once it’s set-up the app will download your work to your iPad so you don’t need an internet connection to make it work when you are in the interview. The app is just $2.99 and you can download it here.

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