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The glorious return of The Show with Ze Frank

There have been few things over the years that made me laugh as hard and as often as the 2006 run of The Show with Ze Frank. Thanks to a recent post on it looks like Ze is trying to raise money to return with a new show (insert happy dance). If you never saw The Show with Ze Frank before – shame on you go download it now (Nov 6, 2006 is a personal favorite).  If you have seen the show then you will not be the least bit surprised that the pledge level awards for the new show are nothing short of genius. They range from “One baby will be saved from the sharks/lions/hyenas and sent to you tagged and swaddled in a jar” (live webcam of the babies here) for $50 to “Your face will appear subliminally in an episode” for $100 to my favorite “I will whisper words of encouragement into a small jar, label it, and send it to you” for $250. So since the world could definitely use some good content for a change do us all a favor and go over and make a donation to get Ze back on the air as soon as possible.

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