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El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

If you have Netflix streaming and any interest in creativity I really recommend watching ‘El Bulli: Cooking in Progress”.  It follows Ferran Adria and his team at elBulli from the closing of the restaurant from the past season, 6 months of work in their workshop in Barcelona to create a new menu and then the 6 months at the restaurant rolling out the new menu. It is a fascinating look into how their ideas came together, the dynamics of the team and the combination of precision execution and freewheeling creativity that existed in the kitchen. The style of the documentary is minimalist with no narration beyond the events themselves which means that watching it can be slow in parts but when viewed collectively it really shows how tedious their ideation process and how all that work was the foundation for the more open experimentation they do at the restaurant. So if you are a foodie or want to see a different expression of the creative process do yourself a favor and watch this.

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