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Texting Only “E-Lane” – The joke that should be real

Philadelphia has a long history of being the first to do things and they did it again on Sunday. Thsi time they have decided to take on the epidemic of mindless Zomberries (my term for the zombie state that people are in they they are walking while texting or writing an email) in their city. Lines on some sidewalks near City Hall now designate part of the pavement as “e-lanes” which are suitable for chronic texters. There is also signage and sidewalk graphics depicting a pedestrian peering down at a hand-held device but it was a semi-serious April Fool’s Day prank so they will only be there through the end of the week. I personally think this could be a great addition to NYC sidewalks in certain parts of the city while other parts of the city could benefit from tourist lanes that would keep the wide eyed, slack jawed, slow moving visitors who have never seen tall building or a yellow cab before out of my way.

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