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Tripbirds – Your Friends’ Social Media Posts as a Personal Travel Guide

The most popular social media channels can be an incredible wealth of travel information if your friends travel a lot and a new site called Tripbirds turns their Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook posts into your own personalized guidebook. The site takes all of your friends posts and check-ins and organizes that content into a news feed, top places, top hotels and My To-Do’s to make all that info useful for planning a trip to a specific city.

The biggest problem with the site is that if your friends haven’t joined Tripbirds you can’t see any of their info beyond the names of the cities they’ve visit. They do make it easy to then solicit those friends to join the site but like in my case where I was the first one to join all I could really do was to review my old trips. This highlights the difference between Tripbirds and their competitors like Trippy, Gtrot and Wanderfly . Tripbirds relies solely on the recommendations of your friends while their competition takes a more general approach where you can search an interest or a destination and then sort through tips left everyone on the site. Each approach has its problems as the Tripbirds approach can really be off-putting when you join the site and don’t see any content but the more generalist approach can also be problematic as you have to sort through huge amounts of posts to find content that has value. It will be interesting to see both approaches evolve and see how long it will take for the sites that are gathering this information like Facebook to catch on and create their own versions.


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