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How to Move App and Game Data to Your New iPad / iPhone

Most people have gotten to the point where they either have or are considering upgrading from their first iPad or iPhone to a newer version.  Apple makes the process easy enough to set-up your new device using your last back-up from your old device which is great until you launch some of your non-Apple apps or games and realize that just the app was moved over and not your saved data. This means that you have to go back in and set everything up from scratch again and you have lost all your notebook sketches, game progress and everything else you have done in any of these apps. As someone who travels a lot and is a rabid Plants vs. Zombies fan I really want to keep my totally maxed out version of the game without having to start from scratch just because I got a new iPad. I don’t know why Apple hasn’t fixed this problem yet and I don’t know why more consumers aren’t pissed off about it. But fear not there is a way to get your data on to your new device with just a little work.

1 – Hook up and sync your old iPhone or iPad to iTunes to create a current back up of your old device.

2 – Set-up and sync your new iPhone or iPad to itunes using the back-up from your old device which you will be prompted to do during the set-up process.

3 – Now you need a program that will let you look at all the files behind the scenes on your iPhone or iPad.  I use iExplore which is free and works on both Mac’s and PC’s. You can download it here. Once it is downloaded ,install the application on your computer.

4 – Hook up your OLD iPhone or iPad to your computer again and launch iExplore. Click on the name of your old device and then select ‘Apps’. You will see that each App on your device is represented with its own folder. Go through and select the folder of the Apps you want to move to your new device and copy them onto your desktop.

5 – Finally hook up your NEW iPhone or iPad and select the new device in iExplore.  Copy all App folders you took off your old device and drag them into the App folder in iExplore.  Hit the ‘Replace’ button a few hundred times (why isn’t there a ‘apply to all’ button here?) and you are all done. Fire up your new device, launch your apps and everything will be just as it was on your old device.  In my case I have the warm glow of my entire Plats vs. Zombies arsenal all ready to go.

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