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If Dieter Rams made an iPhone weather app it would be WTHR

The more mobile sites and mobile apps I design the more I appreciate designers who are able to do more with less.  The ability to boil complex processes down to simple interactions and visuals is incredibly hard so when I someone who did it well I appreciate it more than ever.  That happened this week when I saw WTHR which is an insanely simple and beautiful iPhone weather app.  The interface shows you the current weather and 7 day forecast in Fahrenheit and Celsius with the only words showing the current weather conditions and temperature.  It’s the kind of beautiful that draws well deserved comparisons to the work of famous industrial designer Dieter Rams.

Plus I Want to support and app that has a disclaimer like this “*WARNING: Daily use of the WTHR™ App may cause bouts of joy, happiness and in some extreme and severe cases, audible gratitude from your eyeballs. In some case studies users also gained acute symptoms of good design choices and a bias towards well made things. Results may vary.”

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