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Uniqlo clothes Pinterest in viral ads

It didn’t take long for the first viral campaign to hit Pinterest and it was done by Uniqlo via to the creative minds over at Firstborn. The campaign uses visually simple but tall images that take advantage of the natural scrolling action on Pinterest. The ads to come life as you scroll down the long Pinterest pages using a pseudo-animation that make them appear to move as you scroll down the page and this makes them really jump off the page. Each ad is visually simple which helps on the dense pages and the ad resolves with a photo of a product or the Uniqlo logo at the bottom of the ad. The campaign works so well because Firstborn really spent time on Pinterest to understand how to create ads that would stand out and would take advantage of the way people use the site. This lead them to create a campaign isn’t clumsy and obvious but instead uses that insight to create something different that definitely makes an impression on the average Pinterest user. Pinterest remains a wide open advertising landscape and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here as all major brands are trying to figure out how to utilize this new platform.

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