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My weekly inspirations: July 23, 2012

I wanted to start a new weekly series that quickly details the new sites, apps and trends that catch my eye every week. These are things that aren’t big enough to warrant a full blog post but you definitely should check out because they are doing something new, interesting or really well.


Readymag is a sleek new way of creating interactive magazines (webzines) through a complete publishing platform that makes it easy to publish your content to everything from tablets to TV’s. Check out the first issue and the whole platform here.

UX Recorder iPhone App

UX Recorder is n iPhone app designed for usability professionals who need to conduct user testing on mobile Web sites. It is pretty cool because it uses the built-in hardware on your iOS device to record on-screen activity, video of the user’s face, and audio. You can then export screen-in-screen video files for viewing in QuickTime. Download it now.

Nike Air Jordan Jumpman23

Just when you thought the parallax scrolling fad was finally dead Nike launches their new HTML5 Air Jordan Jumpman23 site. Get your scrolling finger warmed up and click here to check it out.


Brandseen is a fun little game that lets you see wow well do you know some of the most popular brands on earth. You select the color you associate with each logo and get a score based on how close your response matches the original brand. I got an 89% so see if you can beat that!


Maily is a new iPad app that is not only a cool app but an interesting social commentary on the fact that children have become so technology proficient that a 4-year-old needs an email client. Maily allows kids to create email messages using digital pencils, brushes, photos, personalized backgrounds, stickers, and their most commonly used expressions. Once the email is done they can send it to a list of recipients preprogrammed by their parents. Checkout the demo video and download the app here.

Get Together iPhone App

Planning social events can be a real pain the butt. Twelve Twenty’s new iPhone app Get Together is a really new take on the problem that let’s you select a time slot, pick a subject, add participant and then you can decide on later. Download it here.

If there is something that inspires you feel free to contact me and I might just include it next week.

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