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Adobe Proto iPad App – Gesture based UX design

With the launch of CS6 Adobe released a new iPad Touch App that flew under the radar more than I thought it should have called Adobe Proto. The app is their entry into the world of user experience design which moves the UX process off the desktop and out into your studio or meetings to allow you to make wireframe and prototypes anywhere. What makes it standout for me and makes it part of my everyday process is that lets you really capitalize on the creative process to capture inspiration as it strikes by quickly working up interface ideas using gesture based UX design. This means that you can use a series of simple stroke gestures to create a wide range of elements on top of a CSS grid system. Once you capture the idea you can then expand, refine, link multiple layouts together into a prototype and ultimately export the code to Dreamweaver. For only $9.99 t is an app well worth checking out for its innovative way of creating wireframes and because this type of quick ideation needs to move from only being part of the design process to become a core component of user experience design. You can download it now for Android or iPad.

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