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Pocket: An easy and well designed ‘save it for later’ service

For years I’ve been trying to find a good way of collecting all the articles I find, want to read but don’t have time for in my work day. Until now the best I could come up with was using Evernote which I love as an idea capture tool but I was never thrilled with it as a solution for this problem as the articles just looked bad and were often disjointed when I would pull them up later.

Earlier this week I got a very excited email from one of my art directors saying how much she loved a new service called Pocket. The site really isn’t new at all as it is a transformation of Read It Later which has been around for about 5 years. But in April it became Pocket which was built on the premise that you should be able to take your content with you, no matter what type of content it is, no matter where or when you discover it. The thought being that the act of grabbing the content and taking it with you should be as simple an action as putting it in your pocket – thus the name.

Where Pocket succeeds for me is that it is really easy to add article from pretty much anywhere to Pocket as I can use the bookmark button on my iPad, Chrome or Safari extension from my desktop, iPhone or iPad app, it is integrated into over 300 apps and even email anything to my account if I really get stuck. It’s kind of like a Pinterest for articles where I now use both services to collect things that interest me for later. The other part I love is that I always catch up on this reading when I am commuting on the train to NYC or traveling which means I am reading on my iPhone or iPad.  This is normally not a great experience with other services but both the iPhone and iPad apps look great with a simple interface and formatting that makes the articles look good and easy to read (I am a designer these things matter).

I have been using Pocket heavily for about a week and I really love it.  I find I rely more and more on tools like this to help me organize and capture the content that actually has value but my schedule keeps me from being able to consume when I receive it. It is free so you can sign up here and if you want more info you can watch the demo video here.

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