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My weekly inspirations: August 6, 2012

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Why your brand should piss someone off

I constantly find it fascinating when I speak to heads of marketing a large companies and they tell me the target for their brand is everyone.  Unless you are Coke or McDonald’s you are kidding yourself.  You need to develop a brand with a strong point of view and have every aspect of the brand answer back to that point of view.  This article does a great job of making the point of why understanding that your brand won’t appeal to everyone is a good thing.  The shout out to W Hotels as strong and focused brand in the company of Apple, Mercedes, Virgin and Red Bull also certainly didn’t hurt. Read the full article here.

Easel: in-browser, high-fidelity web design tool

In-browser web design app, Easel, has just launched. The WYSIWYG web design tool aims to make web design and development easier for teams who want to quickly get their ideas online. The most important features are speed and collaboration. Documents can be edited by multiple users in real-time and changes are automatically synchronized like with Google Docs. It is a really nice tool for mobile prototyping and best of all it is free.  Get your account and try it out here.

Re-designing the class email client

Common email clients are packed with functionalities none really uses because they don’t really for into the modern workflow. We are able to produce stunning interaction designs for websites and mobile apps with smooth interfaces that let us understand information without even trying. But when it comes to email clients they get boring and feel like you are using a piece of software from 10 years ago. German designer Tobias van Schneider thought he could do better and this article documents his thinking and design process to arrive at a very good alternative to this email problem. See the work and read the article here.

It’s raining weather apps

There has been an absolutely explosion is stylish weather apps over the past few weeks so here is a quick round-up for the best ones. For the Dieter Rams design fan there is WTHR with its slick, white minimal interface. For hard-core inforgraphic fan there is Partly Cloudy that packs a ton of information into a clock like inforgraphic. For the casual inforgraphic fan there is Minimeteo that uses icons and a minimal interface to give you a color at a glance look at the weather. For the fan of colorful, minimal apps comes Solar: Weather which looks like the weather forecast on top of a Rothcoe painting. Finally there the web-based app Sun that uses a really nice pinch and zoom interface to navigation the app. Or if you don’t like any of those you can just download Adam Whitcroft’s Climacons and make your own app.

Evertalk – Memorial pages within Facebook

What happens to a person’s digital footprint when they die? That question is increasingly being addressed by technology, with Facebook memorial pages and apps like If I Die, as well as gravestones with their own QR codes. The latest app to deal with the afterlife is Evertalk, which allows those still living to create virtual memorial pages for loved ones. It also allows people to accept and make donations to a memorial fund or charity, share photos and post memories in a guestbook. Evertalk is now available for free on Facebook, having emerged from private beta.

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