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Creative Swap – Exchange your creative employees

I found an interesting new concept out of the U.K. called Creative Swap which is the brainchild of London-based creative agency Sane & Able. It is a week-long event starting September 24th where creative agencies swap one of their talented staff with a creative from another studio. It is free for all agencies with more than one employee working in graphic design, digital design, illustration, architecture, 3D, advertising etc. The swapping pairs are chosen randomly which gives the participants a great chance to learn from a discipline they may not have access to normally.

I think that actually makes a lot of sense because it gives your creatives a break from their normal routine and creativity is a by-product of the world we live in and the inspirations and experiences we encounter on a daily basis. This collection of inspirations and experiences is different for every single person which is why the creative process is different for every single person. If you are interested click here to sign up now.

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