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My weekly inspirations: September 10, 2012

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Responsive Design case study

This article is a great case study looking at a website for the South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust that was launched last month.  It outlines the entire project processes for the constructing of a large-scale responsive website. The South Tees site contains over 1,000 pages and while Responsive Design is not a new technique, documented examples of client sites on this scale are few and far between. Read the article here.

How to Bake Content Strategy into Your Web Design Process

Is it just me or has everyone and their brother started talking about content strategy in the past 6 months but none of them seem to really understand what it means? Content strategy should be a key part of any successful digital team and this article is one of the best I have read at really laying out what it means, how to do it and how to integrate it into your process. Read the article here.

Will Apple’s Tacky Software-Design Philosophy Cause A Revolt?

Fast Company talked with industry insiders and ex-Apple designers who have soured on the fake leather, glass, and wood that runs through Os X and iOS. I am with them because I think these design decisions really lack the style and finish we have come to love with Apple products. Read the article here.

ABC Flash Cards For Design-Savvy Hipster Kids

South African illustrator Emma Cook has created an interesting way for hipster parents to teach their kids the ABCs. She designed ‘Design Nerd Flash Cards’ by illustrating all 26 alphabets using culture-relevant examples—such as ‘D is for DSLR’, ‘M is for Moleskine’ and ‘R is for RGB’. They are so true it is fantastic so check out all the cards here.

How To Run Your Meetings Like Apple and Google

Rapid experimentation with meetings over the past decade by startups and Fortune 500 companies has produced a new set of rules to consider. This article has some really interesting insights as to how companies like Apple, Google and 37Signals runs their meetings. Read the article here.

The Sh*tty Brand in 3 Easy Steps

I am an infographic junkie and this article takes a look at some of the recent brand meltdowns boiling them down to one of the best infogrpahics I’ve seen in years.  There are a lot of lessons a lot of brands could learn from this. Read the article and see the infographic here.

Louis Vuitton Show the Making of a Giant Yayoi Kusama Statue

Everyone has become enamored with Louis Vuitton‘s latest artist collaborator Yayoi Kusama, and it seems Selfridges is no exception as the storied British retailer recently unveiled a 13-foot-tall statue of the artist at their London location. The massive fiberglass figure tower’s over the retailers main entrance and you can watch the statue comes to life, from the labor-intensive construction to the painting of her trademark polka dots. Read the article and watch the video here.

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