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Turn charging your iPhone into entertainment

I love to see campaigns that find new ways to brand everyday actions. Charging a cell phone isn’t a very exciting task but Toyota has just launched a new app called “Plug-In Championship.” that looks to change that. They describe it as “the world’s first charging-based sports iPhone and Android app,” “Plug-In Championship” transforms cell phone charging into game play while promoting Toyota’s Prius PHV plug-in hybrid. Until now the action of plugging in the charger [of your phone] has only been carried out because you were in need, however, we redefined this action as an interaction for creating entertainment,”

There isn’t much work involved in playing the game as you simply download and launch the free app. When you launch the app you see a gauge that quickly moving up and down, and you have to insert the plug into the phone just as the gauge reaches its highest point which rewards you with one of 20 bursting of video. You can download the app here and try it for yourself.

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