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Fontli – a photo based social network for Typography nerds

If you have ever seen me speak at a conference or read my bio you know that I am a huge typography nerd.  I had the most old school typography education possible as I learned all about type growing up using my father’s cast iron letterpress that sat in the basement of my childhood home. So it isn’t hard to see why Fontli, a new social network created just for Typography hounds to share photos of great typography they find, has quickly become one of my new favorite apps.

The interface will be instantly familiar as each photo you take has a by simple tagging feature where you can identify the font in the photo and Fontli will give additional information on the Typeface such as Designer/Foundry and other pictures tagged with it. It’s this feature that I really like because having the ability to actually find out about the font makes Fontli a great tool for exploration and finding new fonts you can use in your own work. Once the photo is uploaded people can like or comment on the photo as well as follow all of your posts.

Just like on other social media networks you can find other people who post interesting content and follow their feed or browse through the most popular posts on the entire network.  The one interesting tweak to the popular posts section is that it is broken up into popular posts, popular feeds and recently spotted which lists the fonts that have been identified in recent photos. There is also an interesting section called the “SOS Zone” which is filled with photos where users need the communities help to identify the font in their photo.

Fontli is still relatively new so there isn’t a huge amount of members but in spite of that the app feels just as polished and functional as any other major social network. So while I know this isn’t going to blow up to anything near the size of Instagram I really do hope it finds a home on every designers smart phone because I think it is a great resource and way to share you love of great typography.

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