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My weekly inspirations: November 26, 2012

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

‘320 and Up’ lightweight, content first responsive web design boilerplate

I was playing around this week with the 320 and up responsive web framework which offers Five CSS3 Media Query increments (480, 600, 768, 992 and 1382px), ability to change the design ‘atmosphere’ (colour, texture and typography) separated from layout, bootstrap styles for buttons, forms and tables and finally Modernizr, Selectivizr, responsive type tester and design tester. Learn more about the framework and download it here. 

How to be a creative director

I have seen hundreds of articles from all kinds of authors claiming that they know what goes into being a great creative director.  I find that 95% of them was nothing but a waste of time because they don’t really understand how to lead a team and really don’t understand creativity beyond a theory. This article however is one of the few exceptions where the insights from some leading creative directors are dead on and I completely agree with pretty everything said. Read the article here.

Google’s Digital creativity guidebook

Amazing interactive pop-up book designed to showcase the talent and innovation of Google’s Creative Sandbox Gallery done in HTML5 and CSS3 by we are hive. Experience the site here.

Foldify bring papercraft creation to the iPad

Foldify is a new iPad app that will soon let you draw, create, print, and fold your own 3D papercraft figures. The app has been developed by Polish software designers Pixle, who will included loads of free content so users of any skill level will be able to use and enjoy the app. See the video of the app here.

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 One last one from #KAWS #wheretheendstarts at the @themodernfw with his giant dissected #companion #kawscompanion  Who builds these KAWS pieces out of wood?!? #kaws #kawscompanion #sculpture @themodernfw #streetart #streetartist #wheretheendstarts  I think KAWS best work is his large scale pieces which draw you in and create a real impact #kawscompanion #sculpture @themodernfw #streetart #streetartist #wheretheendstarts  Loving the life sized #kaws #companion at @themodernfw #kawscompanion #streetart #streetartist #wheretheendstarts
 Been to a lot of museum all over the world but @themodernfw remains one of my favorites because it balances a beautiful building that showcases the art without overwhelming it. #museum #kaws #warhol #wheretheendstarts  This huge KAWS sculpture in this cement vault was something really incredible #kaws #kawscompanion #sculpture @themodernfw #streetart #streetartist #wheretheendstarts  Bendy #kaws at @themodernfw #kawscompanion #streetart #streetartist #wheretheendstarts  The two story version of this is way cooler than my little version #kaws #kawscompanion @themodernfw #streetart #streetartist #wheretheendstarts
 Have to admit I liked the KAWS show at @themodernfw way more than I thought I would. Cool to see how his work is evolving. #kaws #kawscompanion #sculpture @themodernfw #streetart #streetartist #wheretheendstarts  KAWS Accomplice at the @themodernfw #kaws #kawscompanion #sculpture @themodernfw #streetart #streetartist #wheretheendstarts  Watch your hands at the @themodernfw #kaws #kawscompanion #streetart #streetartist #wheretheendstarts  Big #kaws exhibition at @themodernfw #kawscompanion #wheretheendstarts #streetart #streetartist

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