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Coke Zero PR Stunt Lets You Be James Bond

I generally think that PR stunt events are pretty worthless since they rarely connect with consumers in a meaningful way but one recently done by Coke Zero for the James Bond movie Skyfall was pretty brilliant. Unsuspecting travelers at Antwerp Central train station in Belgium who stepped up to a Coke Zero vending machine were prompted with the question: “Want the chance to win exclusive tickets to Skyfall?” If their answer was yes then they were given a challenge to race to platform six in 70 seconds. It seems simple enough but this is the type of set-up that viral videos are made of as obstacles are planted along the way, like spilled oranges, a dog walker with tangled leashes and frustrating joggers who won’t get out of the way. I like it because it does justice to both brands involved and it makes the consumer the hero in a way that anyone who has ever watched a James Bond movie would aspire to be a part of.

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