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3 Habits of Great Creative Teams

SYPartners is probably one of the best creative agencies no one has heard of and that is on purpose. They a firm steeped in the belief that transformation of individuals, teams, and institutions requires equal parts empathy, aspiration, and a bravery to act. The firm fuses systems thinking and creativity to help organizations in times of seismic change: the formulation of a new business strategy, a merger or acquisition, the rise of a new CEO, the return-to-greatness journeys after an industry shock. Like most really good ideation companies their work is pretty much all confidential but I do know they are responsible for the Starbuck rebranding and the IBM THINK exhibit at Lincoln Center.

SYPartners is led by Keith Yamashita who recently spoke at the Behance 99% conference on ‘The 3 Habits of Great Creative Teams‘. This talk was born out the work that SYParters has also been doing working with over 1000 teams to create tools to help creatives and creative teams reach their true potential. The first release from this initiative was a brilliant iPad app called Unstuck with 11 free tools and over 50 targeted tips to help anyone get their inspiration and creative process back on track. The video is one of the best I have seen in a long time as it looks at what happens when the your team is faced with adversity does it stand strong and act boldly or does it crumble under pressure? Keith shares his insights about great collaborative environments including: having an awareness beyond the company’s day-to-day business operations, consulting experts in the field when the company lacks the strategies to accomplish its business goals, respecting the unique talents of your team members, and actively cultivating meaningful one-on-one relationships. I think it is a must-watch for any creative business director. Now if I could just figure out how to get a deck of those cards…

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