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Weekly inspirations: February 18, 2013

Feb18Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

This site is a simple but fantastic color explorer where you move your cursor horizontally to change the color hue, move vertically to change the color lightness and scroll to change the color saturation. When you see something you like you can simply click the ‘click to save’ button and it will put it off to the site and show you the color’s HEX value. This system makes it fun and simple to explore for a single color and then quickly build a whole supporting palette. Explore the site for yourself here.

Top 10 TED talks on design

TED stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment and Design’ and is a series of conferences organized to spreading good ideas. For those who can’t attend in person, the TED Talks podcast offers some of the best talks and this top 10 list pulls out the best talks on design from some of the world’s finest minds. See the list and watch all the videos here.

A new responsive design process

Design is the solution only if it focuses on the deeper issues at hand, the why behind everything. A solid process should always guide our work, but we need to embrace something more flexible. Our medium has finally proven itself to be fluid, so shouldn’t our process? This article is a great read that lays out how the design process needs to evolve for responsive design. Read the full article here. 

How To Sell Your UX Design Solution To Clients

How do you convince clients to trust you with their valuable and much-loved product? In my experience, the best way to sell work to clients is to apply user-centered design not only to the work you produce, but also to the clients who commission that work. This article is a really interesting look at the different ways you can approach this problem. Read the full article here.

Heineken Your Future Bottle Challenge 2013

To celebrate Heineken’s 140th year in the beer business the Dutch brand is hosting another bottle redesign challenge. Announced late in 2012, the second annual Your Future Bottle Design Challenge puts an extensive archive of some 250 treasured items and images from the brand’s archives in the hands of designers around the world for use as inspiration. As of now designs are pouring in from countries far and wide, filling Facebook’s submission platform. Read the article, watch the video and see the work here.

5 Ways Brands Are Cutting Out Agencies

Agencies are in a perilous position. At the root of all this is the tendency of agencies to cede power — to brands, to tech platforms, even to publishers. Digiday spoke with several sources on all sides of digital media — agency, brand, publisher, platform — to determine the five biggest disintermediation challenges now facing agencies. I am finding a lot of success doing all of these things so if you are on the client side it is really a good read with some things to think about for your business. Read the full article here.

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