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Still stuck on Pinterest

It’s been about a year and a half since I started using Pinterest and still love it. I know a lot of people find it challenging to use since you have to create your own boards and create your own structure to house your content but I add content to my boards everyday and just crossed 2,300 pins. My boards have products and designs I have found from my travels all over the world and from my research into a wide variety of area including packaging design, digital design + UI, branding, urban vinyl toys, street art, wayfinding + signage, advertising, infographics, product design, automotive design and much more. This is also one site where I actually started using and enjoying it even more with the release of their iPad app since it lends itself that type browsing so perfectly. I have also found that it is one of the best sources for keeping up on global design trends without having to work around language issues to find that content.

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