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Weekly inspirations: March 25, 2013

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


Why ‘Intuitive’ Interface Is A Myth

Was your computer mouse “intuitive” before you learned how to use it? Probably not so this article explores why intuition alone shouldn’t drive your UI design. Read the article here.

The 2 Epiphanies That Made Me a Better Negotiator

For most of my life, I was a terrible negotiator. I never demanded the raises I deserved, and I overpaid for everything. I knew that you needed to “drive a hard bargain” and “be willing to walk away from the table” if you wanted to get the best possible deal. I just never seemed to be able to do it. This article looks at two simple but key insights into how to become a much better negotiator. Read the article here.

The Next Big UI Idea: Gadgets That Adapt To Your Skill

This article takes an interesting look at how as devices become more complicated their interfaces must be able to teach their users over time. I think this is going to be a huge trend in all digital interface design going forward as the demand for consumer time grows greater and the apps that can deliver value and content will have a real advantage. Read the article here.

Why Every Company Needs A ‘No Bozos’ Policy

There is nothing more soul-crushing than being constantly surrounded by bozos in your life.  And there’s nothing that kills a company faster that the rapid proliferation of bozos working for it (especially as CEO). One of the first detailed discussions of the damage bozos can do to companies was in Walter Isaacson’s recent biography on Steve Jobs at Apple and this article chronicles his insights on the subject. Read the article here.

Inspiration and Imitation: A Note For Beginners

New designers have a hard time finding the balance between inspiration, imitation, and their level of taste vs. their skills. This article lays out some good advice on how to overcome these problems.  Read the article here.

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