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Weekly inspirations: May 13, 2013

Due to my travel schedule last week to speak at Adobe MAX I wasn’t able to put together my weekly inspiration list.  So this week is a double issue with everything I think are worth reading and checking out for the past two weeks:

Saul Bass Google Doodle

Saul Bass’ gets his 93rd birthday celebrated in an awesome Google doodle that looks like a movie title sequence, if Bass were to design one for Google. Notable sequences from “Psycho,” “West Side Story,” and “Ocean’s 11,” among others, are referenced, each time bringing up the Google logo. See the Google Doodle here.

Providing The Best Mobile User Experience Possible

This article is a great look at both client side and server side approached to mobile user experience design for everything from non-smartphone through tablets and desktops. The article is extensive but is a really good read with a lot of good considerations for your next mobile project. Read the article here.

Square Introduced Square Stand hardware for iPad

It is really interesting to see how many companies within the past few weeks have started entering the hardware business.  First it was Adobe with the new Creative Cloud base pen and now Square announced a new product called Square Stand for vendors using Square Register for iPad to process payments. Square Stand features the familiar credit card reader that made Square so popular with smartphone and tablet owners. The stand looks to replace traditional POS cash registers by mounting an iPad in a stylish case that resembles Apple’s iMac desktop computers. Watch the video of it in action here.

Even Google’s Own Developers Won’t Be Seen Wearing Google Glass

I was chosen as a Google Glass Explorer but since I did not apply for them at last years Google I/O conference I have not received them yet.  With this technology looming on my horizon I have been giving a lot of thought about how I will use them, where I will wear then and how people will react when I have them on.  This week came an interesting article that pointed at that this years Google I/O conference not a single Google presenter was seen wearing Glass so why is this and why weren’t they wearing their own product? This article takes an interesting look at the situation with interviews from Google employees and Google I/O attendees. Read the article here.

Hellman’s Recipe Cart

Last year, Hellmann’s Brazil brought us Recipe Receipt, where menu suggestions were printed out on the receipts of those who purchased the product. Now, the brand has stretched the idea further with Recipe Cart, which uses NFC technology to immediately suggest meal ideas to shoppers as they walk past other ingredients. Read the article and watch the video here.

Machines for Life: The PItchfork interview with Daft Punk

I can remember the last time the release of a new album got more hype than the forthcoming Random Access Memories from Daft Punk. I don’t their latest interview with the online magazine because of the quality of the writing for instead for the quality of its design. The article incorporates video, images and other content all controlled by the user scrolling through the article. Read the article here.

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