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Coke’s New Can Puts a Social Twist on the Old Sugar Water

One of the big challenges for huge global brand is that you constantly have to find new ways of keeping people interested in the same old products. This is especially true for food and packaged goods companies which can sometimes like to idiotic things like Burger King’s Hands Free Whopper Holder or it can lead to great ideas like Coke’s new social can. Coke has been experimenting with combining their product with social experiments like recently when they created a Coke machine that when it was hugged by a group of people would produce free bottles of Coke. The problem was that those experiences create social interactions caused by the brand but each person still got their own individual bottle they would only consume by themselves. So they looked to solve this problem with their new can design that looks like a traditional 16oz aluminum can but it splits in to smaller cans that can be shared. It is such a great idea because it supports their core brand positioning of ‘share happiness’ and it adds a completely new sociological element to the same old sugar water. The fact that each can is half sized and will appeal to the health conscious also doesn’t hurt either. Unfortunately the cans are currently only available from a Happiness Truck in Singapore but hopefully we will see them state side soon.

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