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Weekly inspirations: May 27, 2013

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Google Launches Dramatic Redesign of Google+, Emphasizing Context and Content Discovery

At the recent Google I/O conference a complete re-design of Google+ was announced. This article breaks down all the updates to the entire site so it is easy to understand the updates. I personally like seeing that the redesign finally is starting to leverage some of the unique differentiators like Google Hangouts. Read the article here.

5 Ways Big Companies Can Pivot Like Lean Startups

There has been so much talk for years at large companies about how they can act and innovate more like small start-ups.  this article lays out 5 basic ways to make that happen. Now if all those companies can just figure out that it takes more than a process to be able to innovate at that scale. Read the article here.

5 Things to Know When Designing for iOS

Sometimes designing for iOS and can be really simple and some times achieving that simplicity can be really difficult. This article does a nice job of covering 5 of the biggest things you need to think about when you design your next iOS app. Read the article here.

The ABCs of Contemporary Creatives

A simple but fun digital book that is formatted to feel a children’s book for learning the alphabet, with each letter referencing a way of thinking or an insight into the modern creative process. It was illustrated by 26 of the industry’s best and it a nice visual exploration of the modern creative process. Read the article and see the deck here.

Creative Teams – What 7 elements do they all share?

Keith Sawyer is a PhD who looked at how creativity came about in collaborations vs. individuals. He analyzed jazz ensembles, improv comedy groups and other great creative teams to see what worked. This article outlines the 7 elements they found in every team they observed. Read the article here.

Goliath’s Best Chance Of Survival

The latest article from Behance founder Scott Belsky looks at “why are large companies so routinely beaten by small teams with fewer resources?”. The article is a quick read but has some interesting insights into the challenge of how big companies can truly act like a more nimble start-up. Read the article here.

Mall of America Gets Wrapped Up

Opened to the public in 1992 in the suburb of Bloomington in Minneapolis near the Twin Cities, the Mall of America (MOA) is the United States’ largest retail and entertainment complex as a 4.87 million square foot structure. Duff and Partners recently took on updating the Mall of America brand and identity system. The results are spectacular with a system that is simple, ownable, flexible and impactful. I love the work and think it is a great example of how branding can impact any organization – even a mall. Read the article and see the work here.

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