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Weekly inspirations: June 10, 2013

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


Fiat’s Abarth 500 Is So Fast, You Can’t Follow It on Twitter

Here’s a fun Twitter stunt for Fiat’s Abarth 500 turbo hatchback where if you try to follow the vehicle’s official Twitter page, you get a direct message saying that no one can follow the Abarth 500, because it’s just too fast. (Its follower count, which briefly clicks up to 1 when you follow, soon goes back down to 0.). Check out the Abarth Twitter feed here.

What Leap Motion And Google Glass Mean For Future User Experience

This article is a little different since everything that is discussed is hypothetical but it poses some interesting scenarios and possible futures about the road we are starting down with technology like Leap Motion and Google Glass. Read the article here.

Jony Ive Redesigns Things

John Ive’s new vision for the UI design of Apple’s mobile operating system was revealed this week. Some people seem to love it but most of the people I know seem to hate it. And with the launch of any new major design change that causes dissension in the creative ranks spoof sites start to pop up all over the place mocking the design in question.  In this case my favorite spoof site is called ‘Jony Ive Redesigns Things’ that applies his new flat design aesthetic to everything from brand logos to stop signs. See the site here.

6 Ways To Create A Culture Of Innovation

Every organization is designed to get the results it gets. Poor performance comes from a poorly designed organization. Superior results emerge when strategies, business models, structure, processes, technologies, tools, and reward systems fire on all cylinders in symphonic unison. This article walks through 6 different techniques you can use to build more innovation into the culture of your company. Read the article here

Instead of a Lion

It was revealed this week that agencies submitted over 35,000 entries costing them over 26 million dollars to enter the Cannes festival this past year. Think everyone who has seen hat number, including me, think it is insane how much the festival is making off of these awards. A site emerged called ‘Instead of a Lion’ shows some examples of what could have been done with that huge amount of money instead of entering the awards show. See the site and the stats here.

Fancy Debuts Google Glass App

Have you ever wanted to purchase something that you saw off the street but didn’t exactly know where to purchase or even what is was? Social media application Fancy, allows users to bookmark an intended product and seamlessly loop the purchasing process by identifying the product. With the new Fancy app for the revolutionary Google Glass, purchasing things will be even more seamless with a simple download. With the ability to swipe and purchase right off the Google Glass, the user can now purchase an item by snapping a picture. The Fancy app will define it and provides the option of purchasing. Along with finding the exact item of interest, the Fancy app also shows similar products to give the user a full range of options. See it in action in a video here.

The Steve Jobs emails that show how to win a hard-nosed negotiation

The US government’s price-fixing lawsuit against Apple goes to trial next month in New York. Ahead of its court date, the US released emails that purport to show Apple was the “ringleader” in a scheme to set artificially high e-book prices with some of the largest American publishers, which have already settled the case. The emails have mostly been viewed in the context of the lawsuit, but they also provide an extraordinary view of high-stakes negotiation between the leaders of two powerful firms, Apple and News Corp. Jobs was a famously hard-nosed negotiator who won these kinds of battles all the time. Before book publishers, there was the movie industry. And before that, music record labels. But most of those negotiations were hidden from view. This article walks you through some of these emails released last week along with some context. Read the article here.

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