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The problematic happenstance creativity of Google Glass – New Idea

Last week I wrote the article The problematic happenstance creativity of Google Glass and since then have continued to think about the problem of taking a picture or recording a video through Glass is a really happenstance creative process especially if its being used by a creative director who wants the image to be framed a certain way. I still struggle because I find myself taking some photos 6 to 10 times until I get the shot I want or starting video 2 or 3 times because it starts recording and the subject is completely out of the frame which is incredibly frustrating.

In my last article I posed a number of possible solutions but since then Google has release a new software update that allows you to surf the web on Glass (which I also wrote about here). One of the gestures and actions that was added with this update was called ‘look around’ where with two fingers down on the touchpad you move your head  to pan around the site. So my new idea is instead of having a countdown before taking a photo or recording a video why not leverage this same gesture. So when you would say ‘ok glass take a picture’ and then hold two fingers down on the touchpad which would activate the camera displaying the image about to be taken on the Glass display. This way there is a consistent gesture vocabulary for the device and it would solve the framing problem I am having with photos and videos.

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