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Uber Trades SUV’s For Ice Cream Trucks

UberIceCreamIf you live in San Francisco or New York you have definitely heard of Uber which is an app that lets you call for a town car or SUV to get you around town or to the airport. I have used it before and it is a really nice and seamless experience compared to having to call to book a car service.  But I am always curious to see if these types of one trick pony apps are able to evolve into new areas to expand their brand and so far I have been really impressed with that I have seen from Uber.  First was a two weeks ago when I launched the app and it gave me the option to book a helicopter as a way to get around NYC which was funny was also a sign that they are thinking beyond just the town car and SUV business.

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Then last Friday Uber did something really different by adding the ability to request an ice cream truck in 33 different cities around the world. Each city partnered with local ice cream trucks to offer bundles of 5 or 6 treats ranging from $15 to $36 dollars depending on the city. I love this brand extension because it was such a smart and fun way to show the potential power of their platform in a lot of new cities and that it can grow into something bigger and better than just a car service app. Right now the ice cream trucks were just a one time event but I am hopeful that they will bring it back again before the summer is over.

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