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Weekly inspirations: July 29, 2013

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


From Google Ventures: How To Hire The Best Designer For Your Team

Finding the perfect designer to join your team is tough–there’s no way around it. This articles outlines some of the things that Google Ventures looks for when they hire designers and I think there are some good ideas. Read the article here.

David Ogilvy’s Timeless Principles of Creative Management

Advertising legend David Ogilvy endures not only as the original Mad Man, but also as one of modern history’s most celebrated creative leaders in the communication arts. From The Unpublished David Ogilvy — the same compendium of his lectures, memos, and lists that also gave us Ogilvy’s 10 no-bullshit tips on writing, his endearing memo of praise to a veteran copywriter, and his list of the 10 qualities of creative leaders — comes a chapter titled “Principles of Management,” based on a 1968 paper Ogilvy wrote as a guide for Ogilvy & Mather managers worldwide. Read the article here.

eBay CEO John Donahoe on the Importance of Design

eBay is clearly the dominant player in their industry but they have had to shift strategy in terms of look, feel and user experience in recent years as younger, more nimble e-shopping outfits enter the market., The Find, The Fancy and others put special emphasis on how design improves customer experience. This article is conversation with eBay CEO John Donahoe at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen last week, right after a talk he gave on design and entrepreneurship with Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. Read some of his thoughts in our conversation (edited for brevity) about design in general and eBay in particular. Read the article here.

The Pinterest Roadmap Revealed

The rise of Pinterest wasn’t all smooth as it conquered huge scaling challenges to become the world’s keepsake box. Now as we ditch the desktop for mobile, how will Pinterest evolve to connect us with the things we love? Pinterest’s head of engineering Jon Jenkins gave a surprisingly candid look at the past and future of Pinterest journey to build the interest graph. Read the article here.

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The Great Discontent – Scott Belsky Interview

If you have read blog for any amount of time you know how respect I have for Behance front man Scott Belsky.  He recently say down for a great interview with one of my favorite web sites The Great Discontent. Read the interview here. 

Beck’s Edison Bottle, World’s 1st Playable Beer Bottle

19th Century technology meets 21st Century music over a bottle of beer in the latest extension to the Beck’s Record Label project. This time, the art label has evolved, and been replaced by the grooves of Auckland band Ghost Wave. Their new single was inscribed into the surface of a Beck’s beer bottle which could then be played on a specially built device based on Thomas Edison’s original phonograph. Read the article here or see the video of it in action here.

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