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Weekly inspirations: August 5, 2013

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


30 days of new logos before Yahoo! unveils new identity

Yahoo has announced that they will be launching a new logo next month and they are saying that the new logo will be a modern redesign that’s more reflective of our reimagined design and new experiences. Beginning now, they will display a variation of the logo on their homepage and throughout our network in the U.S. for the next month to have some fun while honoring the legacy of their present logo. The final reveal on Sept 4th at 9pm PT/Sept 5th midnight ET. Read the article here or watch the video here.

Bribe the Senate

To get background checks on gun purchases on topic at the US senate, four creatives at Goodby Silverstein made this personal project. Just like the gun lobbyists they want to collectively bribe the senate. See the site here.

A Journey Through Beautiful Typography In Web Design

Typography helps to create an experience for users before they’ve even read a word or clicked a button. Typography has the potential to go beyond merely telling a story — it shows the user who is behind the website and what you’re about. The treatment of type creates an atmosphere and elicits a response much the same way as tone of voice does. This article highlights websites that have very distinct personalities, largely established by the typography. Granted, sometimes they aren’t perfect (unfortunately, performance is often an issue), but they use type to engage the user and generate interest. Read the article here.

This App Helps You Get Drunk In Any Country

We’re all used to incoherently blathering gibberish when we’ve had four or five pints down our gullets, but the idea of looking like a fool in front of some snooty foreign bartender before we’ve ordered our first drink is an off-putting prospect for almost any international traveler. We now have Pivo, a smartly designed app meant for the traveler who only wants to speak one language well: the universal language of beer. Read the article here.

Wacom Reinvents the Product Website

Wacom is well known amongst creative professionals for its high-end drawing and painting tablets – but it’s recently expanded its product suite to include tools aimed at the general public.So when global agency Fi was asked to redesign its website, it faced a challenge. How to engage this new, non-professional audience, unfamiliar with the brand, without alienating its core user base? More specifically, how do you create a homepage that strikes the right tone – when the right tone is going to be different for different audiences? This article and video shows you some of their thinking, process and a walk through of the final design. Read the article here or watch the video here.

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