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My new favorite iOS apps


Grid by Binary Thumb

I am always looking for new ways to organize all my ideas which vary from written notes to visuals and everything in between. Apps like Evernote are great for writing down notes and ideas, apps like Adobe Collage are great for collecting and working with images for mood boards and concepts but I haven’t found one app that could do it all until I recently came across Grid. Like the name implies the app lets you create tiles of any size on a grid that you can fill with content like text, images, contacts or even locations. I love this app because of the combination of not having to work within a predefined structure or type of content, the ability to add any content in any arrangement I want and that I can change those layouts and arrangements between grids to suit my needs.  I also love that I can use Grid as a collaboration tool since you can share and collaborate on any Grid.

Using grid is simple as you can press and hold to move tiles around, double tap to preview or get more details on a tile and press and hold to choose and enter the content you want in any tile. Grid is available for iPhone and iPad but I only use the iPad version since I like the larger screen for ideation and creation. You can download Grid here.



Appy Geek

I am also always looking for new apps that will help me consume news from lots of different sources since I constantly try to keep up on everything that is going on design and technology but never have nearly enough time to do it. I had been using Flud for a long time until they re-designed the app and made it pretty much unusable which lead to the companies recent closure. A few weeks ago I stumbled across Appy Geek and have been in love it with it ever since.

I love it because it has a huge range of design and tech focused content from sites like CNET, Engadget, TechCrunch, SlashGear, Stuff, T3, Joystiq, The Verge, TUAW, and many more grouped into categories like Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, smartphones, tablets, gadgets, Window, start-ups and video games.

But the think I love the most is the interface which puts all the categories into squares on a Flipboard-esque grid but the app lets you change the layouts ads sizing anyway you want.  You can not only re-arrange the category squares on the  but you can re-size them anyway you want to create you own custom layouts.  This means that on one page I can use the 5 x 3 grid so I have Top Stories to take up half of the page in a 3 x 3 box with Apple, iOS and Android in on the other half of the page in 2×1 squares stacked three high. So having the ability to not only customize the content I want to read but to then be able to customize the interface makes Appy Geek the perfect news reader for me. You can download Appy Geek here.





I am lucky enough to have a job that lets me travel all over the world but one of the biggest challenges is that when you are exploring a new city in a foreign country is that you don’t want to kill your battery and you have to be careful how much data you’re using or you will be hit with an astronomical bill when you get home. Lately I have been using a new iPhone app called Crowsflight that only uses the GPS and compass in your phone to help guide you around town. You cue up a few destinations you want to explore, save them in the app and then use the GPS-only compass or map display without the need for a data connection to navigate with a distance in meters gives you realtime feedback on how far you have to go. You can download Crowsflight here.




It is no secret that I a huge foodie and I always looking for new apps to help my find new restaurants in all my travels. My favorite new foodie app is Tastemade because of its ability to be both a great content creation tool and a great exploration tool. I think a lot of people might overlook the video creation part of this app but it is one of the best in phone editing experiences I have found in any app. It lets you create the very robust video about your favorite foods and restaurants that even includes the ability to select your own music, custom filters and font themes. They have even built a very robust pro tip and FAQ section to help any make the best video possible. The other half of the app makes discovering content easy by watching key Tastmakers, doing a search for your favorite terms or just seeing what videos are available for restaurants nears you. Both halves of the app combined with such robust support for its users makes for a lot of great content and an app I use all the time. You can download Tastemade here.



InstaPlace and InstaWeather

InstaPlace and InstaWeather are a simple but nice evolutions on the photo sharing craze created by Instagram. The apps let you add in simple but well design graphics on top of our photos that show the location name and weather with the ability to change the style of the design by moving between different design themed packs.You can download InstaPlace here and InstaWeather here.

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