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Weekly inspirations: August 26, 2013

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


New York Fashion Week Comes To Pinterest With Boards From More Than 100 Industry Insiders

Pinterest is inviting everyone to follow next month’s New York Fashion Week from a new Pinterest page with over 80 boards from more than 100 designers, brands and industry insiders. While users can now start pinning New York Fashion Week photos,product images and beauty tutorials to their own boards, they will also be able watch a television special highlighting Pinterest trends and fashions when the site partners with the Style Network on September 12 at 9:00 p.m. EST. See the NY Fashion Week Pinterest page here.

TechCrunch Cribs: Pinterest, Where Making Beautiful Stuff Is A Way Of Life

The latest installment of TechCrunch TV Cribs goes behind the scenes of the Pinterest offices which is fittingly situated smack in the middle of San Francisco’s “Design District.” But as it turns out, the crafty ethos that millions of people know and love Pinterest for is alive and well amongst its own employees. Read the article and watch the video here.

Intel Gliders installation

Thought this was a nice product demonstration for Intel where people in NYC could use Ultrabooks to create a glider, paint the 3D model and then fly the plane they just created. Watch the video here.

A New App Tells A Neverending Bedtime Story, Of A Kid’s Own Design

The market is now, of course, flush with digital storytelling inventions. But few deliver quite like the InfiniScroll, a new app with a seemingly endless number of illustrations spliced to create a story and flashing pictures that unravel as a child scrolls up and down the iPad screen. InfiniScroll comes loaded with 80 drawings, each depicting a different object or character, say, a big-nosed astronaut or a smiling elephant head. Combining these with each other and narratives leads to a vast array of permutations. Read more ad watch the video here.

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Google Glass and a Futuristic Vision of Fashion

A really nice photo editorial in the September issue of Vogue looking at a futuristic vision of fashion—a beautiful minimalism tailored for the brave and the bold. It also seems that Google Glass will play a large role in the future of fashion. See the editorial here.

Basiliq – Freehand UI Kit

One of the challenges for user interface designers is that popular prototyping tools produce mockups that don’t look very good. They lack personality and style that can help when presenting to your clients who may respond better to work that feels like it has been sketched out. Basiliq has created over three hundred freehand style design elements specifically for prototyping. Get all the details and download the UI elements for free here.

Metropole Tweetphony

I thought this was one of the most unique uses of Twitter I had ever seen. Metropole Tweetphony is a site that took tweets which listed musical notes and would perform them on a digital piano. The tweets were then even performed by a live orchestra. You can try out some of the performances or watch the videos of the live performances here.

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