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Joshua Davis teaching ‘Introduction to Generative Art’ online

I have been a huge fan New York based artist, designer and technologist Joshua Davis for a really long time. Those of us who were there for the early days of digital design will remember him from his work with Kioken and Praystation which was one of the first sites to offer open source Flash files. I still troll eBay looking for the PrayStation Hardrive which was created during he second year of and was a CD-ROM which included source files, photos and miscellaneous items that Joshua Davis worked on during that time, distributed in limited quantities by IdN magazine. Josh moved on Flash to become great artist and one of the trailblazer of generative art using randomized visual elements in a source code controlled environment (see examples on his site). I personally love the look of this type of art and I love the fact that you are giving up some portion of the creation process over to a program.

Josh is now teaching a class called ‘Introduction to Generative Art’ on through 41 video.  You can go at your own pace, access the videos for life and you get all for only $20. I mean how many other times can you learn directly from an incredible artist for the price of two coffees from Starbucks? The class will cover:

  • How to set up your programming environment for making generative artwork.
  • An introduction to Processing and the HYPE Framework. With the HYPE Framework you’ll be able to create work quicker and more effectively.
  • We’ll start by drawing your shapes and preparing a bank of assets for you to use in your piece. These can be any sort of image that you have created.
  • Painting with HYPE using different variables to create and infinite range of possibilities.
  • Adding and controlling color throughout.
  • Using HGridLayout and HShapeLayout to create your final piece. These will give you ability to create grids and shapes with your assets.
  • How to output your files to Photoshop of Illustrator. You’ll be able to manipulate and edit them to arrive at the final piece.

This class is perfect for anyone looking to learn about making generative art and programming. I really recommend this class because I think it is a really interesting way to create art, it works different yet similar brain muscles to what we use everyday and because Josh is just character unlike anyone else I have ever met and having him as a teacher is just too much fun. You can sign up today here.

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