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Weekly inspirations: September 9, 2013

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


5 of the best student animated shorts from 2013

I worked as a 3D animator for years so I still have a deep love of animation.  I also have a deep jealousy over the fact that these 5 films were created by students. The FInal Straw and Brain Divided are my favorites. See all the student animated shorts here.

Disney Debuts Second Screen Movie-Theater Experience

Disney wants to coerce people to bring iPads into the movie theater. Whether or not this sounds like a good idea, given accepted theater manners, is up for debate. Nonetheless, for this month’s re-screening of The Little Mermaid, Disney has announced something called “Second Screen Live,” in which viewers, through their iPads, can play games, discover treasure, and interact with the film through the device. It should be noted, though, that as of yet it only syncs with the movie in theaters, and that it won’t work with previously owned copies of The Little Mermaid. Watch the video here.

Top tips for creating an impactful brand experience

A global survey by Havas revealed that most consumers couldn’t care less if the majority of brands disappeared. The survey also revealed that companies that improve the quality of people’s’ lives are able to create impactful connections that last for the long-term. This supports other trends revealing that consumers are increasingly choosing products and services that not only align with their lives, but also transform their lives. As such, brands that offer authentic and meaningful experiences (not just 30 second adverts and 140 character tweets) will be the ones that succeed in connecting with consumers.This article offers tips on how to build those brands.Read the article here.

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Use Google Glass And New App Glashion To Buy Fashion Items You Spot On The Go

Glashion allows you to snap a photo of a fashion item you see on a bypasser or in a store on Google Glass and the app will show you similar products (or the same one if it can find it). You can then either tap to buy or swipe to see more products. If you tap, Glashion will send you an email with the link to the product on the retail site for purchase. You can also use the app to find a store nearby your location that has the product or similar items. Find out more about Glashion and install it on Glass here.

Busting Innovation Myths

I have written before about how the concept of having an idea as a sudden rush followed by a light bulb just isn’t how creativity works. Innovation takes time and effort. It’s less an idea and more a process. Here are the four big myths which, more often than not, act as barriers to innovation and the development of new concepts and designs. Read the article here.

Daniel Widrig: 3D Printing Meets Avant-garde Couture

A Makerbot has recently taken up residence outside my office so I have becoming increasing obsessed with 3D printing. Lately I have been very interested in the work of Daniel Widrig who uses cutting-edge technology and 3D modeling to create avant-garde couture, blurring the line between fashion and architecture. Nike recently commissioned him to participated in The Art + Science of Natural Motion exhibition during Milan Design Week 2013. I think all of this work is a really interesting use of 3D printing and looks to it’s possible future effects on art and fashion. You can read more about his work here or see his portfolio here.

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