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Weekly inspirations: September 23, 2013

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


Jony Ive: The man behind Apple’s magic curtain

John Ive was often referred to by Steve Jobs as his ‘spiritual partner’. He has gone on to lead all Apple design and was the architect of their new iOS7 interface design. Jony recent sat down with USA Today for a rare interview about Apple’s once and future mission. It is an interesting looking in Ive’s perspective of the state of Apple and a look at his relationship with Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi. Read the interview here.

How NYC Citi Bikes Can Integrate With Google Glass, Thanks To R/GA

Phones are terrible devices for navigating on bikes, especially for inexperienced riders. NYCycle is the first Glass app for New York City’s Citi Bike program, and it was built by a team led by Marc Maleh, group director of interactive agency R/GA’s Prototype Studio. Not only is the app hopping on two of the hottest trends in tech right now – wearables and bike sharing–it’s actually surprisingly useful, tapping into Citi Bike’s real-time data to help bikers find open bike ports, navigate to landmarks, and remember to return their bikes on time. Read the article here and download NYCycle for Glass here.

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These Are The People Who Are Quitting Facebook

Along with composting and biking, pledging to quit Facebook has become the hip new lifestyle promise to make over chit-chat at cocktail parties. But while plenty of people talk about ditching the site, a small number actually work up the nerve to do it. So who are they? Are they less social, more neurotic or just more mature? Researchers at the University of Vienna have just published the results of a study examining the temperament and demographics of the people who leave Facebook, shedding light on what distinguishes those who commit “virtual identity suicide” from the rest of us still enduring the “pokes.” Read the article here.

AppSeed Turns Your Sketches Into Apps

Digitizing an idea into an app can be a tricky, technically complicated process, but a new toolkit called AppSeed aims to change all of that, bringing your sketches to life by turning drawings into functional apps. Created by Adam Leon and Greg Goralski, AppSeed was born out of a frustration. While traditional pen-and-paper brainstorming process is a fluid and dynamic way to sketch out an app, there’s no equally fluid way to make a functional prototype. The AppSeed Kickstarter looks to bring this app from beta to real life.  Read the article here.

Can Evernote become a lifestyle company?

At its third annual conference in San Francisco, Evernote is unveiling a marketplace for high-end physical goods carrying the company’s brand. There’s the Evernote ScanSnap, a high-end scanner that integrates deeply with its note-taking software. There’s a fine-tipped stylus for writing on tablets and smartphones with added precision. There’s a partnership with 3M to brand its iconic Post-Its with Evernote’s logo and encourage people to digitize them using new features in the company’s software. Then there are lifestyle goods, selected for their “smartness,” including a triangle-shaped messenger bag that sits flat when you set it on the ground; a wallet as slim as a money clip, built from a single piece of fine-grained leather; and a laptop sleeve that fits perfectly even though it has no zipper. Read the article and see all the items here.

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