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Weekly inspirations: October 7, 2013

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


Clothes Hangers Use Facebook To Display The Number Of “Likes” An Item Has

The Brazilian-based retailer C&A has digital hangers that display the number of Facebook “Likes” each item has. The hangers are connected to C&A’s Facebook, and every time someone “Likes” an item on its social media page, the numbers displayed on the hangers go up in-store. Read the article and watch a video about it here.

How I Taught Steve Jobs To Put Design First

I thought this was a really interesting interview with Hartmut Eesslinger who is the founder of Frog Design and creator of Apple’s Snow White design language talks about convincing Steve Jobs to empower designers.Read the article here.

The Science Behind Using Online Communities To Change Behavior

I thought this was a really interesting article from behavioral psychologist Sean Young on how through research they have found that newly created online communities can change people’s behaviors by addressing 5 key psychological needs. Read the article here.

9 Rules For Running A Productive Design Critique

IF they are run by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, design critiques can be long, painful and unfocused experiences that create more confusion than solutions. This article outlines 9 rules that will help make sure that your critiques are focused and useful for everyone involved. Read the article here.

Frameless – A column based responsive framework

Frameless is an interesting approach to responsive design that is based on columns and not pixels. It has you make a regular fixed width grid that can be repeated infinitely and centered in the viewport. It isn’t a framework which means that you will have to do the designing and coding for yourself. You can see all the details and download templates from Github here.

75 amazing uses of HTML5

Although it’s technically still in development HTML5 is ready to use today to build websites and web apps. This article aggregates some great examples of HTML5 in action to see exactly what you can achieve with it. Not only will we bring you some the best examples of HTML5 websites around, you’ll also get to hear from the designers who made them just how they achieved their goals. Read the article and see the work here.

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