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Weekly inspirations: October 21, 2013

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


The art of ideation with Paper by FiftyThree has a great video series called Small Empires that does 20-30 minutes interview videos with small companies like OK Cupid and Shapeways. Their latest episode is with the founders of FiftyThree who created the hit iOS app Paper. It is an interesting look into this unique start-up with founders who all came from Microsoft of all places.  Read the article and watch the video here.

How to Invigorate Innovation in a Stagnant Organization

I don’t think there is any word that is more overused in business than innovation. I did think that in spite of all of that noise and overuse of the word this article has some good ideas how organizations can encourage innovation. Read the article here.

Math Proves Bacon Is a Miracle Food

Everything is better with bacon and now we have the math to prove it. Read the article and say ‘Mmmmm Bacon’ here.

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The Precise Art Of Mobile Push Notifications

Push notifications aren’t an entirely new phenomenon, but as mobile handset growth continues to accelerate (along with faster handset releases), push alerts only grow in importance as a channel for applications to communicate with and re-engage users. I think that very few brands use them well and this article does a great job of laying out clear steps that will let any brand use push notifications much more effectively. Read the article here.

Development is Design

One of the biggest things that has lead to the success I have founding my career is that I know that if I want to create amazing work them I need to work with and REALLY partner with amazing developers.  I loved this article written by a developer outlining how development is design and it covers a lot of the things we do in our process that we think really works. Read the article here.

The 5 Common Characteristics of Ideas That Spread

Your success as a creative depends not only on coming up with great ideas and making them happen, but also with getting those ideas adopted by your target audience. Whether it’s the buying public, an art dealer, or just your direct supervisor, getting your work off of your hard drive and into the world is perhaps the most important (and scariest) part of creative work. This article looks at the 5 most common characteristics of viral ideas. Read the article here.

An Exploration Of Type-Focused Websites

This article takes you on a thought-provoking journey through carefully selected Web designs. Certainly, these websites have some captivating interactivity; however, the selection of type and the typographic styling and spacing are the reasons why we chose them for this piece. In the context of typography, considering composition and grid structure is also important. Read the article and see all the sites here.

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