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In have previously written about and even published embarrassing photos showing my love of design was born out of growing up with a letterpress in our basement. It also lead to my love of typography, print techniques and great paper stock which only other designers can appreciate. So I was really intrigued when recently announced a partnership with Mohawk paper to create the Luxe line of business cards available for sale online. I have not seen them in person yet but just watching the video which is embedded above has me seriously thinking that it might be time to upgrade the quality of my personal cards. Not only are they using Mohawk Superfine paper that is about three times thicker than average card stock but they are then printing it with their Quadplex technology to achieve something that should be really nice.  I am also loving the colored paper stripe that they wedge into the middle of the card. You pay for the attention to detail, the process and paper stock I found that each card runs about 70 cents a piece but this is much cheaper than when I have looked into doing something like this is a local printer.  I love seeing the type of quality and printing tradition making a come back in the digital age because even the best LinkedIn connect invite will never compare to a great card stock.

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