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Weekly inspirations: January 20, 2014

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


Eat Last, Get Promoted First

My love of Simon Sinek’s work has been well documented on this blog. I am excited for his new book Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t and he recently say down with the Wall Street Journal to give an overview of this new book. After reading this I am even more intrigued to read the book and see what new insights he has to offer up. Read the article here.

Eyetracking Study Reveals What People Actually Look At When Shopping Online

When you pull up a website, what’s the first thing you look at? The stock photo model splashed across the page? The large company logo at the top? The search bar? EyeQuant, a German artificial intelligence software company that offers predictive eye-tracking for websites, is in the business of figuring out exactly what people will look at when the page loads. Results from the company’s most recent study suggests that some of the conventional wisdom in web design, like that our attention is drawn to faces, might not always be correct. If you are a web designer tho article is a must read. Read the article here.

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The Best Tools to Enhance Your Content Strategy

From web sites to timely tweets, brands are now expected to have all their content putting out a constant brand image and it’s I hear from a lot of people that it is causing quite a few headaches. One of the many hats I wear is helping to lead content strategy and so I know that it is pretty much an impossible job without having the resources to create content or the tools to use it effectively. This article does a nice job of outlining the 8 best content strategy tools that I really like. Read the article here.

Preserving Creativity in the Era of Reactionary Workflow

Few people inspire me like Behance founder Scott Belsky. His latest article looks at the risk of “productivity talk” is that we may be optimizing for the wrong reason. Do you want to answer more email? Or do you want to find more breakthroughs? This article explores some survival tips for the new “the era of reactionary workflow.” Read the article here.

How To Use Data And Research To Build A Better Mobile Web

Project-specific research provides the dual benefit of enhancing your general knowledge while improving your ability to make (and sell) decisions as the project progresses. In my experience, gaining that critical buy-in is much easier when recommendations are based on research conducted for the project. This article looks at how to use data and research to build a better mobile web but I also use this philosophy for all my digital projects. Read the article here.

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